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BQA and Animal Welfare

Irsik and Doll believes that consumers should be able to purchase beef with confidence, that they are getting a safe, high caliber product. Every employee at each Irsik and Doll Feed Yard, is empowered with the knowledge to be a positive influence in the product produced at their facility
Irsik and Doll and its employees, who are also consumers, are committed to  BQA
(Beef Quality Assurance)
Irsik and Doll along with its entire team understand that Beef Quality Assurance is not a choice, but a responsibility to offer the best possible product to the end consumer. 
Included as part of every Irsik and Doll new hire orientation is the company policy regarding   

Animal Welfare

Irsik and Doll is committed to the proper and humane care and well-being of cattle and equine.  Most of the general practices and principles of cattle care and well-being fall under the Beef Quality Assurance umbrella.  At all times, it is the responsibility of the employee to be familiar with and comply with the cattle and equine care standards adopted by the Company.
All employees contribute in some fashion to the health and well-being of animals. It is through teamwork and good communication that health and welfare needs are adequately and consistently met.  The following are ongoing practices that help ensure that care and handling standards are satisfied:

1. Feeding programs developed by the consulting nutritionist and feed yard management;
2. Disease prevention of protocols developed by the consulting veterinarian and feed yard   management;
3. Facility maintenance to allow safe, humane and efficient movement and/or restraint of animals;
4. Timely observations of animals to ensure basic needs are met;
5. Reporting of potential health and wellbeing problems that may be observed;
6. Training of upper management, supervisors and employees to keep abreast of new feeding, animal care and management information.

 Abuse of animals, whether cattle or equine, will not be tolerated. Any employee committing abuse to animals causing or intending to cause undue stress or injury or disregarding animal well-being is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.  Employees observing any of the above conduct are required to immediately report the same or be subject to disciplinary action as well. Suppliers, contractors, vendors, customers and/or truck drivers violating this policy will be immediately escorted from Company property. In appropriate circumstances, law enforcement may be notified and criminal prosecution may result.

All Irsik and Doll feed yards have been assessed in accordance with BQA requirements outlined at     and are listed in the National BQA database.


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