Grain Customer Service

Irsik and Doll operates federally bonded and licensed facilities in Kansas with a total capactiy of ten million bushels.  The elevators are designed and located for proficient unloading, with accommodating hours so producers can keep their harvest operations moving.  Knowledgeable and experienced staff, competitive prices and responsive service are Irsik and Doll trademarks.   We assist producers with information on market conditions and offer an array of contract alternatives.


Forward Contract - Price the grain now while establishing a later delivery date.

Target Contract - Producer makes a definite offer to contract grain if a predetermined price is reached.

Minimum Price Contract - Locks in a minimum price while retaining upside potential

Spot Contract - Price the grain now with 30 days for delivery

Basis Contract - Establish a basis, amount of grain and delivery time while fixing futures price at a later date.

Defferred payment - Grain is already delivered and priced, seller takes payment at a later date.


Irsik and Doll grain division has access to a number of semi-trucks that can be used to assist you in getting your grain to its destination.
  • Farm Delivery and Pickup
  • Field Pickup
  • Feed Yard Delivery
  • Transfers


The Finest Wheat Program will seek to identify high quality hard red winter whear and pay a premium for that wheat.   This program is an addition to the regular services offered at our elevators.

Irsik and Doll offers competitive bids on feed grains picked up or delivered to your facility.   View our local grain bids.

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