Cattle Feeding Customer Service

Irsik & Doll Employees
Irsik & Doll employees are regularly certified on Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) and by KSU on Animal Welfare and Handling Practices.

Upon arrival cattle are unloaded and weighed by an Irsik & Doll employee.  Cattle are immediately assigned to a receiving pen where fresh hay and water is available.  Staff quickly assesses the health and nutritional needs of the newly arrived cattle.  A specific processing regime is determined and carried out by personnel trained in animal handling techniques.  Once processing and a lot/animal identification tag has been administered, the newly arrived cattle are moved to their home pen where fresh hay and ration is available.

Feeding & Nutritionist
Cattle begin with a starter ration and are stepped up to a finish ration, typically within 21-30 days.   Custom grower rations are available for those lighter weight calves requiring an extended feeding period.  Feed management staff visually call the quantity of feed for each pen every day in an effort to minimize waste and maximize performance.  Nutritionists build rations using the most cost effective and quality feed ingredients available.  Nutritionists visit each yard regularly to observe cattle, answer questions and fine tune protocols to maximize cattle performance.

Pen Riders & Veterinarians
Welfare and health of all cattle are physically observed daily by an Irsik & Doll pen rider.  An animal exhibiting symptoms of needing further attention is moved to the hospital where a trained animal health team determines a diagnosis and treatment.  Detail records of treatments and recovery periods are maintained for each animal. Veterinarians visit each yard regularly to review treatment records and evaluate the efficiency of treatment protocols. In addition to regular visits veterinarians are available on call for special treatment circumstances or questions to assist the animal health team.

Feed Charges
Comprehensive feed bills are generated the last day of each month.  Feed bills are sent to customers for each lot reporting head count, feed consumption and total charges.  Billing integrity for each customer’s cattle is maintained by way of a unique pen lot assignment.  The billing information as well as other informational reports for each lot can be mailed or sent electronically to customers.  Lot charges can be paid each month or financed through Irsik & Doll. 

All cattle are covered by risks of direct blizzard or snowstorm. 

Feed Financing
Financing feed is available to provide credit every month.  Financing your feed can be as easy as contacting the location manager of your preference.  At the end of the feeding period, the feed yard instructs the packer to withhold the amount of feed and interest charges from the cattle proceeds.

Cattle Financing
Irsik & Doll offers competitive, convenient financing for cattle located in any of the Irsik & Doll feed yards.  By providing a first lien and a minimum of $250 per head in equity for cattle placed, customers can obtain fast, effortless financing.  At the end of the feeding period, the feed yard instructs the packer to withhold the amount of the loan and interest charges from the cattle proceeds.
Irsik & Doll offers a hedging service to assist with price risk management while cattle are on feed at Irsik & Doll locations.
Feed Cost Protection
Irsik & Doll provides feed cost protection for cattle located within any of the company feed yards.  With grain cost being the majority of the finish ration expense, feeders have the ability to "lock in" the grain cost of the ration, managing one variable in the production chain.

Retained Ownership
Regardless of the size of your operation Irsik & Doll can accommodate your needs.  Irsik & Doll has developed refined programs designed for both large and small feeders.

The company’s size allows customers the flexibility to tailor their marketing plan based on the specific cattle and the current market conditions.  Customers are not forced into any pre-arranged marketing agreement.  Four major packers’ buyers visit the yards each week, this combined with many value-based marketing options, will assure you have the opportunity to receive a top value.

Examples of Options for Marketing Your Cattle:
-Traditional Cash
-Value Based Grids
-Forward Contracts
-Breed Specific Programs

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